This quick survey is meant to help us understand your experience as an educator at a New England independent school. And while we ask for your contact information, we promise that your feedback will remain completely anonymous. 


So how are we going to use the information you share? While we will never use individual or school names, we will share a compilation of anecdotal stories and aggregate data with accreditors. Aggregate data may also be shared on our website. Written, detailed, and personal examples are one of the most powerful tools to help get our point across and inspire change. If you have any questions or specific directions regarding how we handle your feedback, please leave a note in the comments.

1. I am being asked to teach things that make me feel uncomfortable.
2. I am being asked to teach concepts in class with which I disagree.
3. I am being asked to teach things that I think are not developmentally appropriate or emotionally healthy for my students.
4. Would you like more support and training aimed at teaching and facilitating conversations about difficult subjects?
5. Have you been asked to shy away from topics and conversations that some might deem uncomfortable?
6. I am constantly looking over my shoulder and afraid of losing my job if I express doubts about new curricular commitments at my school.
7. I have to be insincere and dishonest about my real views to keep my job and get through the day at my school.
8. I think my school has become too politicized.
9. I think my school tries to impose preferred political or ideological viewpoints on students.
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