This quick survey is meant to help us understand your experience as a parent at a New England independent school. And while we ask for your contact information, we promise that your feedback will remain completely anonymous. 


So how are we going to use the information you share? While we will never use individual or school names, we will share a compilation of anecdotal stories and aggregate data with accreditors. Aggregate data may also be shared on our website. Written, detailed, and personal examples are one of the most powerful tools to help get our point across and inspire change. If you have any questions or specific directions regarding how we handle your feedback, please leave a note in the comments.

1. I have ample opportunity to review the course content from my child’s classes.
2. From what I have seen, I consider the course content used in my child’s classes to be age-appropriate and developmentally appropriate.
3. The curriculum used in my child’s school is compatible with my family’s values.
4. The school notifies me in advance of lessons that delve into the realm of personal values, attitudes, and beliefs.
5. I am content with the amount of transparency from the school about the teaching materials and school activities that impact my child.
6. I believe that the curriculum used in my child’s school is good preparation for adult citizenship.
7. I believe that the curriculum used in my child’s school provides a solid academic grounding in the basics (reading, writing, arithmetic…)
8. Has your child required any counseling or therapy related to school curriculum issues?
9. Do you find the teachers and administrators to be equipped and prepared to tackle difficult subjects and conversations?
10. I have concerns about some of the content being used in my child’s classrooms.
11. When I express my curricular concerns to my child’s teacher or my school district, they take me seriously and are responsive.
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