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Save Your School

from itself

The “cult of wokeness” is problematic because it chills and also compels the speech of children during their formative years. If these regressive theories are to become “legitimate,” they require scrutiny, intellectual honesty, and vigorous debate, the exact things they prohibit. In fact, any effort to do so results in punishment (cancellation).

We wrote this parent playbook to help start important conversations. The incessant focus on DEI (as schools enforce it) is “anti-intellectual,” which is the opposite of what one would expect from high-quality Independent Schools. Does your school seem to care more about the people running it than the children it purports to serve? Parents, even without a background in education, are their children’s first and most important teachers. Trust your instincts.

Educate Yourself

by Andrew Gutmann & Paul Rossi

by Bonnie Kerrigan Snyder

Oregon Association Of Scholars

Are they "just teaching about slavery & racism?"

By Robert L. Woodson Sr. 

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What is SEL and are there better options?

10 Principles by Greg Lukianoff

James Madison University

Don't Answer" by Colin Wright

Media Coverage Of Transgender Issues | City Journal

Know Your School

Discover the many factors at play

Creating change through the board

Learn how to ask questions

Find out where your money is going

A guide for taking advantage of back to school night

Explore curriculum options

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