This quick survey is meant to help us understand your experience as a student at a New England independent school. And while we ask for your contact information, we promise that your feedback will remain completely anonymous. 


So how are we going to use the information you share? While we will never use individual or school names, we will share a compilation of anecdotal stories and aggregate data with accreditors. Aggregate data may also be shared on our website. Written, detailed, and personal examples are one of the most powerful tools to help get our point across and inspire change. If you have any questions or specific directions regarding how we handle your feedback, please leave a note in the comments.

1. I enjoy the curriculum in my school.
2. I am able to share my thoughts and ask questions about lessons during class.
3. In class, I sometimes say what I think my teachers want to hear instead of what I really think.
4. My teacher expects me to actively agree with his/her opinions.
5. I believe that I have been marked down on assignments or tests for asserting opinions that differ from my teacher’s preferred views.
6. I fear retaliation if I stray from the teacher’s preferred views in class.
7. I have been retaliated against for straying from the teacher’s preferred views in class.
8. The messaging in my classes is predictable, repetitive, and redundant, and does not represent a variety of perspectives.
9. I have sat through lessons that are upsetting to me in school.
10. I think that my teacher is trying to impose his/her personal views on me.
11. My teachers present material in a fair, balanced, and impartial manner in class.
12. I feel comfortable expressing my thoughts and opinions, even when they differ from those of my teachers and peers.
13. My teachers respect everyone equally in class.
14. I feel anxious and uncomfortable about going to school due to the political content there.
15. I have been given school assignments that are offensive and/or upsetting to me.
16. I feel targeted in the classroom due to my race, gender, politics, or other personal characteristics.
17. I feel uncomfortable in class because I don't feel like my opinions are welcome.
18. I have received diversity, equity, and/or inclusion (DEI) training in my school.
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Teacher evaluation

Instructor’s presentation of social and political issues is balanced and fair.
Course readings on controversial issues represent multiple perspectives.
Classroom environment with respect to student expression of political or social views is tolerant.
Treatment of students who express political or social views is tolerant.
Classroom is used to present instructor’s personal political views.
Instructor comments on politics unrelated to the course.

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This evaluation form is intended to provide feedback on a specific teacher regarding their approach to free discourse and diversity of thought in the classroom. 


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