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Our mission is to ensure that K-12 independent schools promote a culture that values and prioritizes true diversity of thought, freedom of discourse, and self-expression.

Curious young minds should...


Have the opportunity to learn and engage, across all disciplines, in the free market of competing ideas. Students must develop 21st Century Skills — critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication.


Be encouraged to think freely, build intellectual curiosity, re-examine old opinions, test their thoughts in judgment-free zones, and have the freedom to change their minds and embrace unique perspectives.


Learn to thrive while experiencing some "discomfort" and be taught

how to participate in fluid and free discourse -including learning how to disagree, respectfully challenge, and engage in the arts of persuasion and debate, and most importantly be able to make and learn from mistakes. 

It's not happening

how to critically form and express 

Students are being taught

what to think, 

rather than

their own thoughts and beliefs.
Parent Playbook
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