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Empowering parents to stand up for viewpoint diversity

Our mission is to ensure that all schools promote a culture that values and prioritizes true diversity of thought, freedom of discourse, and self-expression.

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What's happening?

For hundreds of years, independent schools have been resources for families seeking high-quality education. Many were founded on Judeo-Christian values and principles of excellence, rigor, civil discourse, intellectual challenge, and a relentless pursuit of truth. But things have dramatically changed. In lockstep, independent schools have abandoned their traditions of excellence for new pedagogies that are ideological, conformist, and deeply illiberal. 

If you found us, you're probably asking, what happened to my school, and what can I do about it?​ Parents Unite was formed in 2021 to answer these questions. We are parents, educators, administrators, trustees, and students gravely concerned about the long-term individual and societal impact of these changes. By encouraging viewpoint diversity, we can work to restore independent thinking to independent schools.

Get Informed

Here are some areas of concern that bring light to the changing school culture. Each topic includes an overview and relevant resources to help you find the information you need. 

Take Action

Are you looking to help start important conversations and advocate for viewpoint diversity in your school? Here are some guides to use as a starting point. 

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Get Informed

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.


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