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An evolving mission

Did you know that AISNE's mission has evolved quite a lot in the last several years? These changes are a clear illustration of the culture shift in New England education. Keep reading to see these changes:


"Believing that schools have the potential to make our world better through their work with children, AISNE provides educational leadership and relevant responsive services to its diverse membership, promotes equity, excellence and collaboration within the NE independent school community, supports schools in their service to a broader public purpose, and advocates for the independence of member schools and the value of independent education." [8]

2017 -

"With an ongoing commitment to equity and inclusion, AISNE shapes the educational landscape for independent schools through leadership, education, service, and strategic advocacy." [9]

What happened in 2016 to change the focus of AISNE's mission?

Sphere of Influence

Sphere of influence

Becoming accredited allows a school to stay modern and competitive among peers. This "stamp of approval" helps attract prospective families. But did you know that schools also take advantage of resources that accreditation agencies provide? Because of this, the agencies are afforded the power to shape the culture and conversation at member schools, which can influence an entire region.

How does AISNE influence the educational culture at my child's school?
New England states




member schools



Faculty and students gain access to unique educational and networking conferences as an AISNE member school.


Educators gain access to directories and exclusive networking events to help build professional and social connections.


Marketing Tools

Schools gain access to curated marketing and communication tools that help make strategic decisions and attract prospective families.

Critical Resources

Schools gain access to tools for enrollment, business/legal management, DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion), employee benefits, governance,

health & safety, and more.

Professional Development

Educators access required training that shapes how they approach education in the classroom.

Career Resources

Schools gain private access to post employment opportunities in order to attract and acquire qualified candidates.

AISNE should use its platform to provide balanced resources to create an exceptional educational environment for ALL.
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